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What’s in dust?


Regular cleanings of home furnishings and office items are essential to keeping dust buildup at a minimum.

The dust that settles on your furnishings may seem insignificant, unless you know what it’s actually made of. Particles from the indoors and outdoors combine to form what we see as dust.

Indoor particles include fiber from carpet, furniture and clothes, as well as skin cells. (Humans lose 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute!) Outdoor particles include pollen and bits of decaying organic matter, plants, vehicles and seasonal fires.

A study in Environmental Science & Technology found 60 percent of dust inside homes is from outdoor airborne particles and tracked-in soil.

To reduce the amount of dust in your home, regularly do the following:

  • Vacuum and mop your floors weekly.
  • Dust with microfiber cloths to better capture and remove soils.
  • Wash your bedding often.
  • Remove clutter, where dust tends to collect.
  • Deep clean air vents and returns to minimize dust in the indoor air.

For professional help removing dust from a variety of surfaces – including fabrics and air ducts — call ServiceMaster in Wichita or Hutchinson, KS, at 888-GET-WINK.


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