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Severe storm cleanup5 considerations of removing wet insulation

water damaged insulation | storm cleanup tips from ServiceMaster Wichita KSwater damaged insulation
insulation damageHigh winds, large hail and tornadoes. You know the damaging effects these summer storms can bring. But have you considered what to do when wet ceilings – and wet insulation – collapse into closets, onto upholstered furniture and all over carpets and rugs? Wet, fallen insulation can be an itchy mess – one no one wants all over their favorite chair or inside their clothing.

When deciding whether to clean away insulation or replace damaged items, consider these factors:

  • How much insulation has fallen?
  • What type of insulation was it?
  • How long did it set wet?
  • Are there special hypersensitivities in the household?
  • How does replacement compare to cleaning costs?

When insulation becomes wet but does not fall in, industry standards state that vertical insulation (such as inside a wall) can be safely dried within certain parameters. However, if horizontal insulation becomes wet, the insulation loses its ability to resist heat traveling through it – measured as the “R value” – and the insulation should be replaced. As with all restoration situations, ServiceMaster Clean In A Wink professionals are available 24/7 to meet you on loss sites and help weigh these and other factors so a sound decision can be made.

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