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Prevent the flu at your workplace

Prevent the spread of germs in your officeAs the cold and flu season wears on, there are numerous ways to minimize the likelihood of becoming sick. A contributing factor in contracting an illness is contact with contaminated surfaces, such as doorknobs and handles (including microwaves and refrigerators), copier machine buttons and parts, elevator buttons and shared office materials.

To minimize the spread of illness in your office:

  • Remind staff to regularly wash their hands for at least 15 to 20 seconds with soap.
  • Have hand sanitizer readily available for employees and customers.
  • Encourage your employees to be vaccinated against the flu.
  • Send sick employees home to prevent the spread of illness.

Have an office or work space with lots of foot traffic? A clean, sparkling building does more than reduce employee absentism. It also shows customers the quality and pride you take in your business.

For more information about sanitizing your office and office cleaning options, contact ServiceMaster Clean in a Wink at 316-219-9696.

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