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Not all water damage is alike

Categories of water damageDid you know that not all water damage is the same? There are three categories of water involved in any water damage situation.

Category 1 is known as clean water or white water. This water damage will likely come from an overflowing bathtub, broken dishwasher or washing machine. While category 1 water isn’t dangerous, within 48 hours it can easily turn into category 2 water.

Unlike category 1 water, category 2 water (also known as grey water) contains significant contamination. Grey water is waste water that is discharged from appliances such as sinks, bathtubs, showers, washing machines and dishwashers. If consumed, category 2 water will cause sickness and discomfort. If it’s left uncontrolled for two days, it will turn into category 3 water.

Category 3 water is also known as black water. Black water is typically the result of sewage or waste found during flooding. Black water is grossly contaminated, containing disease-causing toxins and is not a sanitary environment.

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