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How to prevent water damage caused by frozen pipes

With temperatures plunging well below freezing each night and Jack Frost christening the Kansas winter season with at least one icy storm, preventing frozen pipes — and their potentially disastrous results — should be at the top of your mind when planning to be away from your home or business.

To prevent frozen pipes, we suggest following these three tips:

  • Keep your home or office heated while you’re away on vacation or closed for holidays. Pipes are particularly apt to freeze in modular structures.
  • Close interior valves for exterior faucets during the winter.
  • Leave cabinet doors open during cold weather so warm air can flow in.

In addition, you should periodically check hot water tanks, washing machine hoses, ice makers and refrigerators to make sure they are in good condition and leak-free. Water alarms (available from ServiceMaster for less than $20 each) can be placed around these gadgets throughout the home to alert you of any moisture or leaking. The investment is small when compared with the costs of water damage.

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