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commerical tile cleaning with the roto in wichita ks
One of the biggest challenges with tile floors is keeping grout clean. Porous grout lines trap dirt over time, causing your tile to look dull and sullied in appearance.

At ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration by Clean in a Wink, our six-step tile and grout cleaning process gets your grout clean and keeps it looking its best. It can be used on both ceramic and porcelain tile and is ideal for kitchens, baths, countertops, and other tiled areas of your home.

The ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration by Clean in a Wink Tile and Grout Cleaning process includes:

  1. A preliminary inspection of your tiled areas is conducted to assess the best cleaning method.
  2. Spots and stains are pre-sprayed using our proprietary green cleaning products.
  3. Dirt and ground-in soil are removed with high pressure cleaning that also rinses and extracts excess water.
  4. Corners and baseboards are carefully cleaned.
  5. Tiled areas are efficiently dried.
  6. Grout lines are sealed to preserve cleanliness and prevent long term damage (optional).

Best of all, our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service offers the benefits of Green cleaning, which means:

  • Reduced Environmental Impact.  We focus on doing the right thing. At ServiceMaster, we believe in offering products and processes that not only clean your home, but also have less environmental impact.
  • Odorless. ServiceMaster Green For products are just as effective as traditional cleaning products but have no fragrances or solvents, so you don’t have to worry about a strong “detergent” smell being left behind.
  • Proprietary. We offer tile and grout cleaning products certified by environmental agencies such as Green Seal, Envirodesic, and Environmental Choice.

Using a specially developed tile and grout cleaning solution and high-pressure, hot water rinse with a fully enclosed vacuum system, ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration by Clean in a Wink can restore clean and gleam to all your ceramic tile and grout surfaces – bathroom floors, showers and tubs, kitchen floors, tiled foyers and entryways, tiled halls, sunrooms, countertops, and more.

ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration by Clean in a Wink  recommends using a sealer on your grout after it has been cleaned. This extra layer of protection seals the grout, making it resistant to spills and stains, and easier to clean in the future – keeping the grout and the surface looking clean longer.

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