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Employee spotlight: Erica Enstrom

Erica Enstrom, ServiceMaster Clean in a Wink | Wichita

Outside of work, marketing representative Erica Enstrom enjoys rescuing dogs, dancing and all things Disney.

For ServiceMaster Clean in a Wink marketing representative Erica Enstrom, being involved and talking with people has always come naturally.

Enstrom began working with ServiceMaster in the summer of 2007, assisting the marketing and sales team with an open house. The then-Wichita State University student continued to help at the office, pitching in on everything from agent deliveries to a two-week cleaning project in the specialized fire facility.

“I would run things to agents; I would tag along with Deb [Schmitz] and learn,” said Enstrom, who studied at the Elliott School of Communication and was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority and Shocker dance team during college.

“I’ve never not been busy in my life,” she said.

Enstrom enjoyed seeing the detailed fire restoration process firsthand but said the thing she liked most about her early career at ServiceMaster was meeting with people.

“I remember telling someone that I enjoyed getting paid to talk with people,” she said. “I still love to help and plan events and golf tournaments.”

After assisting sales for four years, Enstrom joined the ServiceMaster Clean in a Wink team at INTRUST Bank Arena, where she scheduled janitorial crews for events and helped with interviewing and hiring.

Ultimately, her people skills and love for being in the middle of the action led her to a full-time marketing position at the main office in July 2014.

“I enjoy that I can talk with agents and make connections about our personal lives. They remember what we talk about,” Enstrom said.

She’s looking forward to the upcoming golf tournament season and serving agents as a team with Clean in a Wink’s new rep, Kelly Mansel.

Enstrom and Mansel will help agents look for ways to reduce claims with ServiceMaster’s new FlexServ program. Through FlexServ, ServiceMaster Clean in a Wink provides restoration solutions to homeowners who experience an uncovered water loss or choose not to file a claim.

“I’m excited we can offer this program. It helps the insured save money, and it helps keep agents from putting a claim against their book of business,” Enstrom said.

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