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After the damage: 7 common emotions you may feel

Overwhelmed after water or fire damage?After a fire or water loss, it’s natural to face a myriad of questions:  Why is this happening? What will become of my home? My business?

Whether the loss is big or small, the damage is bound to be more of a burden than you bargained for. Sometimes the greatest comfort can be found in realizing you’re not alone when it comes to dealing with your emotions and putting your life back together.

It’s normal – and absolutely understandable – for you to feel any of these common emotions after any type of major disaster:

  • Overwhelmed – Where do I start?
  • Invaded – Who are all these people showing up?
  • Hopeless – Is it all ruined?
  • Losing control – Who’s making decisions? (It’s my home; I want to know what’s going on.)
  • Confused – Why is all this happening?
  • Afraid – How secure are my things?
  • Uncertain – How long will my things be gone?

A good restoration professional will help you address these points of pain by guiding you through the claims process and working closely with your insurance agent and contractors.

If you’ve had a recent fire or water loss, we want to offer reassurance and encouragement – you will get through this! Time and time again, we’ve quickly and completely restored homes and businesses devastated by damage. Rest assured, with the proper care and action, this can be your story as well.

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