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5 tips for preventing winter weather claims

The chilly winter months are here, which means it’s time to get in-the-know when it comes to fire and loss prevention.

We’re counting down our five most common winter claims hazards, along with some of our favorite and easy-to-follow tips and tricks to prevent loss.

  1. When the weather outside turns frightful, keep your home or office heated. Turning the thermostat down too low in extreme cold can allow pipes to freeze.
  2. A toasty fire may seem like the perfect way to chase away the winter chill, but remember that ashes can rekindle even after many days of appearing “out.” For this reason, don’t put fireplace ashes in anything that can catch fire.
  3. If you haven’t already done it, disconnect your garden hoses! Doing so may help prevent cracked sillcocks that can lead to water leaks during spring.
  4. Snow on your roof? Ice dams could form as heavy snow begins to thaw, especially if there is a layer of ice underneath. Be very cautious about trying to remove the ice dam; sometimes patience is the best advice.
  5. Space heaters, heated blankets and the like feel great on a snowy night. But be careful not to overload electrical circuits, extension cords or fuse boxes. The same circuit should never have more than 1500 total watts plugged into it.

For more fire prevention tips and hints, call our office at 888-GET-WINK.

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