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5 signs of basement water damage

Do you want to save thousands of dollars in repairs and prevent a claim? Learn to look for the very first signs of water damage trouble.

If left undetected, basement leaks can cause serious and even irreversible damage. Here are five top signs of basement water damage that you need to look for to protect your home.

  1. Cracks in the wall, floor or foundation. Cracks could mean that water is putting pressure on your home’s structure. If cracks grow larger than one-sixteenth of an inch across, then it’s time to contact a professional to assess the situation.
  2. Peeling paint. This could be the first sign of water deteriorating the foundation. Watch out for the cement under the paint beginning to flake, also known as spalling, and white salt deposits, called efflorescence, accumulating on the foundation.
  3. Sinking floors. If your floor begins to sink, your home could be experiencing foundation damage or soil erosion under the foundation. Either way, the floor should be assessed immediately.
  4. Musty smells. Musty odors may be caused by mold, which grows near a water source. Smelling musty odors in your basement could indicate that you have a leak nearby.
  5. Mold growth. Look for any signs of dripping water or excess humidity. Mold thrives in wet, damp environments, making it a major sign that you have water damage.

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