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4 ways to detect mold quickly

If you find a black spot on the ceiling, chances are you will suspect mold growth. But what about mold that is less obvious yet still dangerous? Consider these four steps to finding indicators of mold in your home or office:

Mold growth

  1. Know why mold grows. Mold growth is common in homes that have had water damage. Be alert if the home has experienced any of the following:
    – flood
    sewer back-up
    – overflowing toilet
    – leaking pipes/roof/windows
    – any other serious water-related problems
  2. Look. Check walls and carpets for discolored blotches or smudges that do not easily wash away.
  3. Smell. If there is a distinct earthy or musty smell when entering a room, it is likely that mold is growing in the room. The mold could be growing behind walls, underneath carpets or in other hidden areas.
  4. Take action. If you suspect mold in your home, you should work with professionals to establish baseline levels of mold and develop a mold remediation plan. In many cases, prevention and early detection may lessen claim severity and cost.

For mold remediation help, contact ServiceMaster Clean in a Wink at 888-GET-WINK.


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