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4 tips for easy hardwood floor maintenance

Sleek and beautiful, warm and charming, hardwood floors add a delightful ambience to any home and are a favorite among amateur and professional interior designers alike.

But the beauty of hardwood floors can be difficult, and costly, to maintain. Dirt and soil can act like sand paper on a hardwood floor, scratching the finish and reducing the sheen. Using store-bought cleaners can also do more harm than good, leaving behind residue which dulls the look of hardwoods without effectively cleaning them.

Sanding, stripping and refinishing hardwood flooring is messy, expensive work–not easy for even a Do-It-Yourself guru. Save yourself the trouble and cost by protecting your hardwood floors throughout the year.
Consider these 4 easy tips to help you maintain the look of your hardwood floors:
  1. Sweep hardwood floors frequently. Weekly or even daily sweeping with soft bristles will reduce dirt that causes scratching.
  2. Remove standing water immediately. Standing liquid damages floors, so be sure to clean up even the smallest spills as soon as possible.
  3. Utilize area rugs. Area rugs add a decorative touch and will protect your floor against wear and tear.
  4. Invest in annual professional hardwood floor cleaning. Even with routine cleaning and care, yearly professional cleaning is needed to remove soils your routine cleaning leaves behind. ServiceMaster Clean In A Wink’s heavy power-cleaning has no nasty odors and will inexpensively preserve wood floor surfaces. To restore shine and protect your floors from foot traffic, we suggest annual re-application of our protective wear layer.

Regular hardwood floor maintenance helps avoid those small flaws and scratches that lead to costly refinishing. With the proper care, your hardwood floors will continue to add beauty and charm to your home for years to come.

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