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4 easy ways to keep tile floors beautiful

Preserve the cleanliness and appearance of tile floors with these four simple ideas for touching up in between professional tile and grout cleanings. Your floors will look better and clean up easier, saving you time, energy and money in the long run.

1.  Dirt be gone. Sweep or vacuum floors before mopping to remove surface soils and tracked-in dirt.  But don’t stop there – mopping only removes surface-level dirt. Grout is porous and absorbs soils, so even regular mopping won’t be enough to take away deeply embedded gunk.

2.  Keep it fresh. Aoid using wax, ammonia-based cleaners or bleach – these can actually damage tile floors. Instead, opt for a neutral cleaner to mop tile regularly and rinse the mop in fresh water after cleaning a small section. Have your grout professionally sealed to protect against long-term damage and to make your routine cleaning more effective.

3.  Clean it up. Oops, you’ve spilled it again…remember to blot up messes right away to avoid staining floors.

4.  Avoid scraping. Dragging chairs or furniture across tile floors can lead to scratches, scrapes and cracks, which can easily capture dirt.

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